Latin Rhythm is one of Connecticut’s premier and biggest  dance studios specializing in modern style Salsa and Bachata dance lessons for adults and children. The studio was founded in 1996. Till this day Latin Rhythm still embodies what was started over 15 years ago and that is fun, professionalism and talent.

Our classes concentrates on open fancy footwork (Shines), styling, leading, following, step patterns, timing and partnering skills.  You do not need a partner.  Students rotate partners during our group classes. Our instructors have years of experience  and are eager to share their skills and love for Salsa dancing.

We pride ourselves in making everyone feel comfortable in our friendly environment. Our classes are a lot of fun and better than ever. Whether you’re looking to become a better dancer, improve your dancing skills & learn some hot sexy dance moves or even a fun way to workout and be active;  Latin Rhythm will definitely get you prepared and ready to hit the dance floors!


Rosa Flores

Rosa Flores is the owner of the Latin Rhythm Dance Studio. She has been dancing and teaching salsa for many years. Her main goal is to teach her students how to combine fun and techniques to create the best dance atmosphere.

Jonathan Borges

Jon is teaching salsa at LRDS for many years to adults and kids. He is also currently a member of the Yamulee Dance Company, one of the most famous salsa dance companies in the world, located in New York City.

Amanda Paz

Amanda is a specialist in ladystyling and bodymovement. She loves to teach the women how to move their bodies gracefully on the dance floor during social dancing. Thereby she teaches the girls and women to gain confidence while performing on stage.

Reinaldo Rivera

Reinaldo is the main bachata dance teacher of LRDS. He makes sure he teaches the men well to lead clearly and the women to follow lightly. He has been a teacher at our school for a few years.

Ana Garcia

Ana teaches Latin Fusion, Salsa and Bachata at LRDS. She is a talented professional dancer and has many years of experience.

Caitlyn Hydeck

Caitlyn Hydeck is a schooled dance educator and choreographer at Fairfield University. She teaches the younger girls fun and exciting hiphop routines and makes sure they learn technique as well as enjoy the classes to the fullest.