Our children’s curriculum will give your child the option to explore the Latin rhythms of  Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata or they have the opportunity to take part in our new Hip Hop program.  Our classes emphasize dance etiquette and dance terminology in addition to understanding the composition of the music as it plays into the artistic demonstration of dance. Beginning dancers will build fundamental knowledge of dance positions and partnering, while learning discipline and exploring musical rhythms.

We keep the classes fun and challenging for all levels. Your child will learn individual choreography, as well as partner work. At the end of the dance season, your child will demonstrate what they’ve learned to all family and friends at our Annual Show, which is a big succes every year.

Latin Fusion

Latin Fusion combines Salsa, Bachata, Hip Hop and other Modern Dance movements; getting the best from all types of dance and proper techniques. As well as learning the freedom of dance and choreography.


The kids learn the basic salsa steps and partnerwork. We offer four different levels: beginner, beginner 2, intermediate, and advanced, so your kid will have the opportunity to grow and keep on learning more and more.


We teach the kids fun, energetic Hip Hop routines with much attention for technique and power during dancing. We make sure all the kids, with each their own Hip Hop level is challenged too keep it exciting for all students. COMING SOON!


Hip hop- $60 a month
Salsa – $65 a month
Registration fee – $20
Multi-class/student discount available

Multi Class discount available.